Artistic Inspiration – Painters I like – Pastiche or Copy

For Youtubes I like and follow, see my page: References & Sources for Drawing and Painting – Links

To copy or mimic another artist’s style. “Pastiche”:
I think this word is appropriate to mention here. Artists and photographers don’t “own” their style. They don’t own their poses. (Yes, there could be copyright issues, but I am talking about their colors and brushstrokes)  I feel there is a respect all artists deserve and it is up to us to develop our own unique style and voice. We should not attempt to COPY their style but incorporate bits and pieces from every artist whose work we admire and want to emulate. We go to workshops and try to paint like the instructor. That is what you are supposed to do!! As I grow as an artist I don’t feel I need to go to every amazing artist’s workshop. I am starting to be able to deconstruct what I like and try to incorporate it into my work.

26 Jun 2018A YouTube that morphs portrait images from an old Master.
Portrait-Special Interest Group folks, (and some others)  Something for your pleasure. Take a look at a YouTube of  William-Adolphe Bouguereau a French academic painter. This is really cool. He paints with a tendency to have big eyes and small mouths. Can you see this, what else can you notice? (rhetorical)  Probably the same model in a lot of them.  Inspiring for me to find a few of these poses and try to copy them with my own subjects. You can’t use someone’s image but you can make your own. They don’t own the pose!

There are lots of Morphed images:
  Fantastic Morphing Faces – Female Art Portraits
  Other YouTube Morphing videos of women

Artists: Inspiration & Admire:

This is the start of a list of some of the many artists whose style I find inspiration. IT IS FAR FROM COMPLETE, Just a work in progress. Mostly a place I can store links for myself..

Eudes Correia, A Brazilian artist living in Lisbon Portugal. Very loose and fresh. Looks like he paints quick but has very detailed focal areas. I love how he blends his colors into the background with what looks like a fresh splash! Check out his YouTubes. A Brazilian artist. His Instagram page has a million photos of his work!! He has many images of portraits water. The question is always what color is flesh? Mr. Beccari looks as if he uses some violet for his darks. I am going to study these closely. One thing I am also noting in so many images of his, are the examples of interesting poses and simple expressions. Also most are with high contrast.  Beautiful work!

Michael Holter. In Oct 2019 I took a portrait workshop of his . I learned a lot by his simple step approach to portraits. Easy to follow and grow from!

Ewa Ludwiczak, she paints like Charles Reid. She is amazing and fresh. I want to do my life drawings like her and Reid.
Janet Rogers,I have not yet attended one of her workshops. I love her fresh colors and thin layers.
Kim Johnson, Very accomplished. Colorful paintings. Very bold and fresh washes. She has YouTubes.
Bev Jozwiak (pronounced Jaws’-wick). I love her drippy, rich backgrounds. She is on my list of workshops I must attend.
Ted Nuttall,Ted is a master of thin layers of arbitrary color and freshness. He has a wonderful fresh style many admire and try to emulate. I am one. One of his signature element are his “sloppy dots”. I love how these dots lead your eye around the portrait. I try to use a similar technique with dark values to lead your eye. I will darken some corners, make some lines darker, etc. Ted’s fresh, thin, transparent layers makes his portraits beautiful and what many of his admirers strive for in watercolor!!!
Here are just a few artists (like me) who seem to share a style similar to Ted’s.

Drew Struzan, You may not know his name but you will recognize his work for his movie billboards. I am drawn to his charcoal sketches on gray paper. I love the depth he gets in his drawings. His border within the drawing is very striking! I prefer to search on images of Drew Strazan.

YouTubes I follow

Look to Groups, Competitions, and Shows for inspiration

National groups of which I am not yet a member:
Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA)
National Watercolor Society
American Watercolor Society

19 Jun 2018: NWS and TWSA 2018 winners.
 For your enjoyment, inspiration and possible motivation.  Here is a YouTube of the: National Watercolor Society Members Exhibition 2018, came out in May 2018 

SAWE Catalog 2020 11th Annual Signature American International Watermedia Exhibition World of Watercolor & Beyond Feb-Apr, 2020


Watercolor & Other Artistic Organizations and Groups.
Local groups of which I am a member:
Lake Superior Watercolor Society, I became a member of the LSWS in Spring of 2015. This group meets in Duluth, MN 9 mo/yr. A group of very skilled local artists.
Artists of Minnesota, I became a member of the AoM in 2016. This group has two membership meetings/yr. Members show in the Spring with demos and judged art show.
Arrowhead Art Club, I joined them in around 2010. This group meets the 3rd Monday, 9 months/yr in Carlton MN. An open painting group that paints in all mediums. Doors open at 9AM and a demo at 2PM and members meeting to follow.

In Bagley MN  Bagley Area Arts Collaborative Home page.  On Facebook bagleyareaartscollaborative

Regional groups of which I am NOT a member, yet:
Cook County Historical Society, Grand Marais, MN 55604,