Easel Nails

Easel Pegs a.k.a. Nails: The nails provided with the easels are roofing nails. They have a galvanized coating so they don’t rust. They are a tiny bit thinner than 1/8″ thick. I drill 1/8″holes. I provide two sizes of nails. Most folks I paint with like the shorter ones because they paint on thin support boards. The larger nails are for those who paint with gator board or the soft plywood, or paint on canvas, or use thicker drawing tablets.

Please note: There are metal tabs on the bottom of the easel. You don’t need any nails if you don’t need your painting raised off the table…

For replacements or other lengths of nails. Our neighborhood hardware store has nails in bins, sold by the pound. You could by 4 nails if you wished (you might get a funny look but they don’t care!) I suggest you bring the easel there and see what they have. I don’t use steel nails because they may rust when they get wet. If they rust they may stick in the holes. They have aluminum and copper coated nails too which are pretty when they are new but will patina a bit after getting wet. These still won’t rust. I have calipers that I bring and find ones that are the perfect size. (they are exactly-about 1/8″) Too big and they stick, too thin and they may fall out of the easel. If you choose something different you can drill the holes to whatever size you want. I would like to know from you if you have suggestions or feedback on these or any other part of the easel.

Thanks, Bill

Thanks Patti B for the question.