Links & Inspiration

YouTube list

Check out Stan Miller on YouTube  Start with Lesson 1 on composition, Then Lesson 2 & 3. Watch the rest when you have time. He is amazing!

Artists: Inspiration & Admire:

This is the start of a list of some of the many artists who’s style I find inspiration.
Ted Nuttall,Mary Beth Downs,Janet Rogers,Kim Johnson,Bev Jozwiak (pronounced Jaws-wick with an O not an ah),
Janet Mach Dutton, Janet Dutton is an AMAZING artist!!!
This list is not at all complete, nor in any particular order. I am stopping here to go paint now…

Ted Nuttall has many mentees and admirers. I am one.
Ted has a wonderful fresh style many emulate. One of his signature element are his “sloppy dots”. 
I think the word “Pastiche” is appropriate here to mention. To mimic another particular style.
Ted, and other artists, and photographers, don’t own their style. But I feel there is a respect they deserve and it is up to us to develop our own unique style and voice. We incorporate bits and pieces from every artist whose work we want to emulate. We go to workshops and try to paint like the instructor, that is why we choose workshops!  I love how Ted’s sloppy dots lead your eye around the portrait. I use this effect without the use of dots. I consciously make dark marks to lead the eye. I will darken some corners, make some lines darker, etc. Ted’s fresh, thin, transparent layers makes his portraits beautiful and what many of his admirers strive for in watercolor!!!
Here are just a few artists (like me) I follow who share Ted’s transparent style.

Artistic Reference Sites:

Drawing Sycra Yasin’s resources. Sycra is a very talented artist. He has many excellent drawing tutorial on YouTubes. This is a link to his drawing tutorials. Sycra’s Drawing Tutorials. Sycra on Composition (Note: There is nudity in these links!)
Figure Drawing Tools:  This is very good.    Croquis Cafe on YouTube. This is like life drawing with live nude models.
These are similar sites. and

Figure Drawing Tools:

Drew Struzan, You may not know his name but you will recognize his work. I am currently drawn to his charcoal sketches on gray paper. I love the depth he gets in his drawings. His border within the drawing is very striking! I prefer to search on images of Drew Strazan.

Jeff Watts: Friday Night Workshop – August 29, 2014 Excellent 3 hr YouTube  showing 5 and 3 minute life drawings.
Jeff Watts follows the Frank Reilly Method of drawing figures. Google Reilly Method for sample images.
Four ways of beginning a portrait by Ben Lustenhouwer   17 min. YouTube where he discusses and explains 4 ways to transfer a drawing to Canvas or to WC paper, 1. Trace from full size drawing, 2. Projecting an image, 3. Grid method, 4. Drawing from direct observation. He gives good detail on each!!

Pencil drawings by J. D. Hillberry. Galleries of original graphite pencil and charcoal artwork plus fine art prints of western, still-life, trompe l’Oeil and others.”

This is one of Hillberry on using a value scale
This is one using grid method, X-Cross, and using a prop-deviders to get a drawing on paper.

Photo Reference – Danny Santos. He is a photographer who takes amazing candid portraits of interesting people. His sites are excellent sources of drawing reference.     facebook/    Danny Santos Portraits-of-strangers, He describes in shooting Portraits of strangers how he approaches strangers and what he says. I found this inspiring to do this with my candids.

Watercolor & Other Artistic Organizations and Groups.
Local groups of which I am a member:
Lake Superior Watercolor Society, I became a member of the LSWS in Spring of 2015. This group meets in Duluth, MN 9 mo/yr. A group of very skilled local artists.
Artists of Minnesota, I became a member of the AoM in 2016. This group has two membership meetings/yr. Members show in the Spring with demos and judged art show.
Arrowhead Art Club, I joined them in around 2010. This group meets the 3rd Monday, 9 months/yr in Carlton MN. An open painting group that paints in all mediums. Doors open at 9AM and a demo at 2PM and members meeting to follow.

In Bagley MN  Bagley Area Arts Collaborative Home page.  On Facebook bagleyareaartscollaborative

National groups of which I am not a member (yet):
Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA)
National Watercolor Society
American Watercolor Society