Supply list – Urban Landscape Drawing and Watercolor Oct 2019

Supply List: Urban and Landscape Drawing and Watercolor.             ©William Wise
Thursdays, October 24th, 31st, Nov. 7th, 14th, 21st, (5 sessions) 10-1pm at DAI Lincoln Park Building

This 5 day course will first review gestural and other techniques to get accurate drawings on the paper. We will draw images of outdoor subjects (buildings, landscapes, etc.) projected in the classroom. We will learn the classic technique of Sight-Size and review the basic rules of perspective as we progress to translating what you see outdoors onto the paper. Equipment and supplies used in the drawing portion of the course include newsprint, charcoal, and graphite pencils. We will then use ink pens, water-soluble pencils and watercolor to add color to the sketches. This course is useful for people wanting to draw while traveling or exploring your own backyard. (En plein air) It is open to all skill levels. 

Supply List: You really don’t need anything the first night or two. We will discuss supplies and samples so you can wait on purchasing any of the following items. All supplies are available locally.

-Permanent fine tipped markers. (non-water-soluble) We will add dark lines to our pencil drawings.
– Water brush. Pentel Aquash makes a nice brush. I recommend you buy the Large Round tip. You don’t need to buy a set of three brushes. You will probably only use the large size.
Watercolor paint brushes. Not required. No need for water containers, etc.
– Water-soluble pencils and pens. Marks made by these pencil and pen’s will dissolve and blend when brushed with water.

  1. Black, water soluble pencils. There are many inexpensive brands available locally. Sketch and Wash, Derwent, Lyra, etc.
    b. Colored pencils. There are many brands of water soluble colored pencils available. Derwent, Inktense is one option. Inktense are more expensive but have rich color for those who plan on sketching with color. Don’t buy anything you don’t think you will use after the class.
    c. Plain colored pencils. If you don’t want to use water, you can use standard colored pencils.
    d. Markers. Optional. A fun one is Elegant Writer fine tip marker. It bleads when brushed with water and makes interesting washes.

– Watercolor paint. I use my water brush and a small kit of watercolor to colorize my drawings. You can buy small student sets of paint for a few dollars at office stores or Kmart, etc. Yarka or Prang or equal are fine. If you are serious about painting with watercolor, wait to buy any paint!!!
– Paper. Tablets must be mixed media or watercolor.  I like Canson XL Mix Media tablets for wet or dry. They will take a light wash and are inexpensive. I use 5.5” x 8.5” and 9” x 12”, etc. (DON’T buy Strathmore 300 (yellow cover) watercolor paper.

For the first night or two I will provide large, smooth newsprint paper and charcoal. If you have charcoal sticks or pencils you can bring them. Charcoal is a bit messy on your fingers and maybe your cloths. Please dress accordingly.

After we cover the drawing lessons, we will be adding ink, black values, and then color to the drawings.

OPTIONAL SUPPLIES: You can bring other drawing tools like pens, markers, graphite, charcoal etc. you might have. Other supplies will be discussed the first night and are inexpensive and are available at local art stores.