William Wise Fine Art, Duluth MN

My NEW Webpage is intended to Provide Information on MY:
Upcoming Art Classes
Table Top Easels
Tips and Instruction to new artists
Current and Past Paintings and drawings

Iā€™m still adding content so there are lots more changes to come. Please come by often and watch this project grow!

Drop me a message on the contact me page, I would love to hear from you. Or simply email me at Bill@WilliamWiseArt.com

How to search Google and not get Pintrest pages. Type this before your search -site:pintrest.com     Example: -site:pintrest.com eye drawing. Or if I want ONLY .jpg files, using the wild card (*) you can get only those by adding, filetype:*.jpg after your my main search terms and so on.  Or click here for Google Search and edit the search words