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2015 6 Selfie 10.5x13.5_1I was born, raised and still reside in Duluth MN where I find a lot of inspiration in the people and our landscape.

 I have many interests, maybe too many… Woodworking is one. I love my garage and making art gadgets and sawdust is a real pleasure for me. I created my Wise Easel, a portable Tabletop Easel that has become very popular with those who have seen and used it.

When it comes to art, I have two passions:  First, I love to draw and paint; second, I love to teach others how to draw or paint.
Currently I am teaching my own arranged classes and online with Zoom. I use to teach regularly at the Duluth Art Institute in Duluth..
I attend classes and workshops from local and national artists yearly. I am always, as you all are, researching, experimenting,  and self-educating myself on art and on the the skills of teaching.

I enjoy painting with other artists in Duluth and nearby Carlton MN. I am a Member of the Lake Superior Watercolor Society, Artists of Minnesota, Arrowhead Art Club, and smaller groups with fellow artists in the area. These groups provide me connections with many other talented and passionate painters.

Style and Voice

Over the years, I have found the greatest satisfaction drawing and painting portraits.
This is a natural extension of my years as a part-time photographer for weddings and graduation portraits. Today, I rely upon photographs as inspiration for my works. Instead of the standard “look at me” photos, I am intrigued more by candid photos that involve people in action or thoughtful activities.
If you look at my gallery of photos you will see what my current style or voice looks like today.

I love building up thin washes of color and playing with hard edges to create a fresh painterly look. I am inspired by the works of Ted Nuttall and many others.


I appreciate the importance of value in the composition and I am working on getting deeper values without compromising freshness.  On my Info ant Tips page I list many artists who I admire and find inspiration. You will see how their work has influenced and inspired me!

Bill Wise,   Husband, Artist, Teacher, and Handyman!

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    William Wise,  Duluth, MN