William Wise Portrait Artist and Art Teacher, Duluth MN

William Wise watercolor portrait artist in Duluth MN. Bill Wise teaches art classes in beginner watercolor painting, painting portraits in watercolor, drawing landscapes, face and figure, and drawing portraits in charcoal. Wm Wise also teaches classes with Zoom on line software.

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Upcoming Art Classes  In person classes are on hold due to Covid. However I am giving ON-LINE Classes to small groups. I have many classes to offer using free Zoom Software on your laptop or tablet or even on a phone.

Free 2 hr. Photographing Art Workshop, 
Hosted on-line with Zoom by the Duluth Art Institute.
30 Sep 2020,   5:30-7:30PM

 We will discuss this process for painting portraits in my Watercolor Portraits Class later in 2020.
Step by step description of this painting.

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