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I make two standard size Portable Tabletop Easels. As sole creator of the easels, I personally make them in small batches in my garage. I try to have both sizes in stock at all times. Please contact me using the form below to ask a question or request your easel(s). I will answer your questions and provide more information. This photo shows both standard sizes relative to common dimensions of watercolor paper.

As of 20 March 2024 I am out of all my easels, (22″ AND 16″) I hope to make them this Spring!!! Drop me a line and I can email you when they are ready.

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    William Wise Easels

      of  The large tabletop 22″ x 14″ easel. It is roughly the size of a 1/2 sheet of watercolor paper (22×15”). This size will handle a full size sheet with a support board either vertical or horizontal. Ted Nuttall, Watercolor Artist, previously used this size before I custom made his taller 26” easel for use in his workshops.
    22” easel — $100+$16 for Shipping ($116). (Continental US)

  • The smaller compact size is 16×12”. It is roughly the size of a quarter sheet of watercolor paper (15×11″).
    Ted Nuttall Easel

    Ted Nuttall using easel during Workshop

    This small easel can support 1/2 sheets in both directions but only full sheets horizontally. This easel will fit in carry-on luggage and is about the size of my WC pallet. Many people use this size easel if they have limited space on their word table, paint at locations other than their studio, or do workshops using less than full sheets.
    16” easel — $90+$14 for Shipping ($104). (Continental US)

YouTube Short Janine Helton, JanHeltonartworks.com.

Both easels have the ability to raise your paintings off the table in 2″ increments. They adjust from nearly vertical to approx 4″ off the table. I provide short nails for those painting on thin 1/8-1/4″ support boards. I also include longer nails for painting on thicker supports like Gator board or equal or stretched canvas for who paint oils or acrylics and also thicker drawing tablets.

Oil Painting on Tabletop Easel

Dale Lucas, Duluth MN Oil Painting is 3/4″ thick

As you can see in the first photo you could use Plexiglas and back light your paper and use it for tracing a drawing. (140# paper shown)

Please fill out the form below. Doing so lets me know more about your needs and I can answer any questions, and I will confirm I have the size you want in stock. You can pay using Check, PayPal, or Credit Card.
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I would like to know which medium(s) you will use the easel. I will send the support nails best suited for painting!

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    Ted Nuttall easel table top compact painting watercolor vertical