Portrait Commission

Portrait paintings are life long keepsakes.
Interested in a commission? I’ve painted adults, kids, musicians, pets, houses, cityscapes, etc.
If you are reading this you have seen my paintings on my web page or my Facebook pages. I am guessing you like them, thank you very much for being here!!! Please let’s talk!

If you like a style of watercolor different than mine, show me some images you like when we talk. I paint portraits and images that strike and inspire me. Doing something different may be fun. I am not doing this for a living I am doing it because I love painting portraits in watercolor and making people happy.
Depending on the commission I may ask for something down and nonrefundable. I will show you my initial drawing if you like before I start. When I am about halfway done I will let you see and make comments. If you are not at all satisfied I will decide to stop, make adjustments, or start over. I will stop and show you again at about 80% when there is plenty of time to fine tune the painting.

Photo reference: If you have a photo you took, that is perfect. I would like to see many of the person or pet, etc. if possible. Even the rejects. See my article on taking interesting photos. It really helps to get a sense of the subject.
If you did not take the photo, I need permission from the photographer. Copyright laws are clear that the image belongs to the photographer even if it is of you! Most professional photographers are willing to give permission if they have been paid for their work. I can help with this.

Most single person portraits I paint are around 11″x14″ (10.5″x13.5″). I may charge $250.   Painting larger or smaller is about the same. Prices may vary if you have extra or unusual detail or backgrounds to consider. We’ll discuss this when we talk.
This size painting is typically framed with a mat with 3″ boarder all around. So the final framed portrait is around 16″x20″. That fits most home’s walls pretty well. Custom framing that size locally with a double mat and glass costs about $125-150+, depending on quality of glass, mats, and frame. Framing a keepsake is not a place to skimp!  (Extra person add 50%)

If you are interested in me painting a portrait for you I would like to talk to you.
See my About / Contact page to get in touch with me.