Easels and Small Drawing Pads

The following is a suggestion from an artist who uses the easel with drawing tablets. His issue was with small tablets falling through the center of the easel. Here is his solution.

Attached is a photo of a couple of additions I made to accommodate how your easel is used for our botanical drawing classes.  Two aspects,

  1. A sheet of Plexiglas (12”x16”, 1/8” thick) which doubles as a support for undersized sketch pads and use for rear illumination of transparencies.
  2. A sill made of wood (0.5” high, 0.75” deep) to support undersized sketch pads.  I cut notches on the bottom for both your tabs as well as the “nails” to preserve the utility of your design.  The Plexiglas panel has the identical notches.

I just wanted to share this with you for possible use by you in future product applications.  Thanks again,  Doug J. Kapaa, HI

Thank you Doug!