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Artistic Reference Sites & some HOW TO:

This page is the start of a collection of favorite sites for drawing and painting reference and learning. See my Inspiration page for finished words.
THE Encyclopedia for watercolor is They include a ton of information on papers, brushes, paints, palettes, technique, and much more!

Eyeballing Game.
This is great test of your eye and your computer mouse skills. Visual measuring is real skill needed for drawing portraits. For example; look at someone’s face and determine how long their nose is. Is it longer or shorter than the “Standard” to which you are accustom? If looking for an accurate likeness, practice guessing the distances, then measure for accuracy (Guess then Check!)

Composition specific
Ian Roberts:  Mastering Composition, Simplifying the Painting Process
The #1 Composition Rule You Cannot Break. This is excellent and a MUST watch. Keep the viewers eye within painting!
How to Compose a Painting
Here is his list of Composition Focus videos.

Also, see Stan Miller, below.


Watercolor Painting – (general beginning)

Check out Stan Miller on YouTube  Watch all 3 Composition Lesson 1. He first talks about the differences in visual pathways; Left vs. Right brain. In Lesson 2 , he shows examples of the masters. See the greatest point of contrast and greatest point of interest. Lesson 3  More of the same; words of the song vs. the music. Watch the rest when you have time. He is amazing! 

Watercolor Washes

Watch Sean D’Souza’s YouTube.
Watercolor Bead Wash; Paint these washes on an angle so the water and pigment flows horizontally  down the paper with a bead. As you move down with a bead wash, DO NOT go back or you will disturb the wash. You will get a bloom!! Wait until it drys if you must correct something. You can change the color as you carry the bead down. Skies are not all the exact same blue: mix up the sky with a yellow or violet, but you must do it while the bead is wet. 
Part 1 of 3  Choosing the brush, big and comes to a tip
Part 2 Glazing over a first wash
Part 3 He does the washes on thin paper. He shows how to keep the bead. Which size brush depends on the area you will cover.
Watercolor washes: how to get them wrong

Figure and Life Drawing

Figure Drawing Models and References:

For Life Drawing information in Duluth, check out my article. Interested in modeling or attending?
Croquis Cafe. This is like actual life drawing with live nude models. It was removed from YouTube because of nudity. Now you must watch them on Vimeo. You need to set up a login. In February they produce one per day, normally one per week.
LoveLifeDrawing, Excellent lessons on drawing the figure and much more!! They collaborate with a site on Vimeo called Croquis Café.
New Masters Academy Good lessons. They have timed models, some nude, some not. Another good resource to keep your hand and eye sharp!
Proko, Stan Prokopenko Here is the link to his play lists. Art and drawing instruction. He also does podcasts.
Andre Pijet  These are some very good lessons in figure drawing and portraiture. It is amazing to watch how easy he makes it look; very inspiring to watch his movements. I strive to free up my motions as he does.
Drawing Art Academy  Good lesson in drawing the face, it’s features, and figures.

Other figure drawing reference images  This is very good.     and
Jeff Watts: Friday Night Workshop – August 29, 2014 Excellent 3 hr YouTube  showing 5 and 3 minute life drawings. Other YouTubes from Watts Atelier
Jeff Watts follows the Frank Reilly Method of drawing figures. Google Reilly Method for sample images. 

Friday Evening Figure Drawing. These currently have clothed models doing real time poses.
You can, of course, do a web search for “Gestural Figure Drawing” or similar phrases for a million YouTube lessons and photo examples.

Portrait Drawing
Portrait Photo Reference – Danny Santos. He is a photographer who takes amazing candid portraits of interesting people. His sites are excellent sources of drawing reference.     facebook/    Danny Santos Portraits-of-strangers, He describes in shooting Portraits of strangers how he approaches strangers and what he says. I found this inspiring and motivating.

Jeff Haines Charcoal portrait drawing. Wonderful work!

Photo Portrait Tips to improve your look. (PHurley links also on “interesting portraits”)
These videos are excellent for posing portrait photography. He has many more on his YouTube page.
“It’s all about the Squinch!” Peter Hurley 
This YouTube talks about your eyes and how lightly squinting makes you look better!

“It’s all about the Jaw!”   Peter Hurley
This YouTube is about how to position your jaw. Forehead out-Jaw down
Peter Hurley’s web page has amazing portrait examples

LoveLifeDrawing, Excellent lessons on drawing the figure and much more!!

General Drawing

Sycra Yasin’s resources. Sycra is a very talented artist. He has many excellent drawing tutorial on YouTubes. This is a link to his drawing tutorials. Sycra’s Drawing Tutorials. Sycra on Composition (Note: There is nudity in these links!)

Drawing Art Academy  Another good lesson in drawing the face, its features and figures.
Proko Channel Mind-Blowing Realistic Shading Tricks Shading an egg by Dorian Iten “If you can’t shade an egg well how will be able to shade a head well?”
Proko,  Shading Light and Form – Basics
Sharpen the drawing tools
Proko – Portrait Drawing 02 how to sharpen a charcoal pencil 4 min
Basic Drawing Technique – How To Sharpen A Drawing Pencil 4 min
How to Sharpen a Pencil With a Knife (for Drawing) Jake Bussell Art It is good, all you need to see is the first 2 min.


Other Portrait Painting YouTubes I subscribe

미술부화실 misulbu  His washes are amazing. As of May 2021, he is my favorite portrait artist to watch! He starts with the background and gets amazing life-like flesh! Check out the detail he gets in the hair and fabric using flat brushes. I personally don’t want to paint to his level of detail and realism.
J.hunsung Watercolor he is very much like Misulbu in style. I like how he shows his palette so you can get a sense of wetness and his color puddles!
ChaYeon Painter. Excellent painting demos! I like to start my portraits with a blue under painting. He uses different colors than I do now…  He takes the paintings WAY further than I would. I often feel like I want to tell him STOP! Sign it!!!

Café Watercolor – Eric Yi Lin: Watercolor artist. Very well done in his simple, classic style of washes. He gives tips easy to understand for all levels of artists.

Michael Holter, I had the pleasure of taking a portrait workshop from him. I adapted many of his colors and washes. I have only really focused on his portrait demos.
Eudes Correia He is amazing. Watch how loose he paints. His strokes give such life to his simple figures and portraits.
Pam Wenger. I like her brush work and layering on the portrait. I paint similarly and am drawn to these demos. I like the freshness in her hard edges, but a different style than mine. I learn something from each one!
David R. Becker, Landscape and some plein air watercolor artist. He is very generous providing hour-long real-time unedited demonstrations and lessons. I don’t paint like him, but I always learn something! (He is not a portrait artist.)
Jan Helton, She is a lovely artist. She loves to paint birds and portraits. She has a monthly newsletter that is well written and informative.
Stan Miller, I have listed him other places. He is a classic master painter. Be sure to watch his 29 basic lessons.
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