Art Supplies Quick Reference List

Paper: Must be 100% cotton rag. I have been using Bright White. Not much difference to worry about choosing. I like cold press 140# (300gsm). A lot portrait artists use 300# Hot Press. Not me, yet. I like the texture I get with cold press, today…

Kilimanjaro from Cheap Joes. I am liking this paper! Added to the quality of the paper, I like the convenience of the pads. Arches I have to buy 10 sheets and break them down as needed. Then they are 11×15. I like to paint to a 10.5×13.5 mat. That makes it pretty tight. I could go bigger and odd ball sizes but portraits work well in 11×14. I like/use both the Kilimanjaro 10×12 and 12×16 pads. They travel well! They are a good value too.
Arches. It’s good classic paper. It was bought out by Canson several years ago (you will see that on the label when you buy 10 sheet bags. I have heard and read that the quality of the sizing has diminished. I still have bulk paper I bought years ago. The pads are ridiculously priced. You can buy them from Micheal’s with a 40% off coupon!
Saunders paper is OK if I had to use it, won’t buy anymore, not a good deal, or noticeable difference to make me leave Arches or Kilimanjaro yet.
Stonehenge Watercolor Paper. I tried the 300# paper. I don’t like this at all. Paint seems to bead up on the surface, and if you put any tape or masking on it it will rip the surface. If someone gave me a piece I would try the 140# but I see not reason to buy it.
Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper. 140# Cold press. I don’t like it! Paint soaks in too fast, I can’t float paint like I want. I can’t lift like I want, it is too soft for my style of painting.

Kilimanjaro Original Bright White Watercolor Block, 140 lb., 10″ x 14″ KMB11014 $26.09 $20.79  I like Kilimanjaro paper. It is about the same as Arches.
Kilimanjaro Original Bright White Watercolor Block, 140 lb., 12″ x 16″ KMB11216 $32.99 $27.19
Kilimanjaro Original Bright White Watercolor Pad, 300 lb., 11″ x 14″ KMPD31114 $31.79
Canson XL Mix Media Pad, 11″ x 14″ 702-2421 $15.29 I like this for sketching and light watercolor washes. It is cellulose paper.

Brushes:  See my article on Brushes
Silver Brush Black Velvet Series. They are a blend of squirrel and nylon. I use a #4 round, Silver Brush Black Velvet Series 3007 Script, Size 4 SB3007-4 $7.79.  Also the #10 and #16 rounds. I have a Jumbo Round medium and an Oval wash.

Raphael Kolinsky Sable brush 8404, #14. around $200+! I want to buy a #12 or #10, next time.
Loew Cornell 7020, #6, #10, #14. Used only for details, not lifting. Very pointed, almost to a fault. (You don’t need a #14)
Escoda : Perla : White Toray : Synthetic : Series 1430 : # 6 $7.00. Used for small detail and detailed lifting.
Robert Simmonds 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2″ Angle Shader, short handle, Sapphire brushes. Used for lifting.
Pentel Aquash Water Brush Round, Large (not the medium)

Watercolor Paint: See my article on Portrait Washes & Flesh Colors & Palette
I use Winsor Newton, Daniel Smith, and Holbein. Only buy professional paint if you are serious. Student grade paints have more fillers.

Palette, Covered
Original John Pike Palette – 15”x10-1/2”, 20 paint wells ~$28
Frank Webb Watercolor Palette, 25 wells “dam-free” ~$20
Folding Watercolor Palette with 10-20 paint wells. ~$4.

General’s Charcoal Pencils, 2B Medium, Pkg. of 12 GPC557-2B $11.79
General’s Charcoal Pencils, 4B Soft, Pkg. of 12 GPC557-4B $11.79

Erasers: Read my article on erasers
Moo Professional Eraser, 2 per pack M300DB $3.99
Blu Tack by Bostik. BEST kneaded eraser and all purpose poster tack. Not readily available in the US. Buy several on line and give it to your friends! (make no substitutions!)

Gray Card:  Read my article on Photo Gray Cards
Golden Heavy Body Acrylic, Neutral Gray N6, 5 oz. G1446-5 $13.64  This is paint to use for a gray reference.
18% Gray Card. Sold at every photo store.

Created: 31 Dec 2020