Life Drawing in Duluth MN

Life drawing at Pineapple Arts in Duluth

PINEAPPLE ARTS IN DULUTH MAY BE CLOSED FOR GOOD.  I will keep this page in case things change. We will miss the wonderful people who ran the Store, Jamie, Faith, Lucy, etc!!!

Interested Models see more information at the bottom.

Pineapple Arts Life Drawing set up

Figure drawing can help an artist hone fundamental visual skills that are transferable to almost any medium.

Drawing the figure is a classic method. I like to feel and translate the movement, the angles, the proportions, the lighting, etc. that drawing the nude provides. (Search “Gestural Figure Drawing” for a million YouTube lessons and photo examples). I feel drawing a nude is much simpler than drawing a model with cloths. Nudes have round, smooth, rhythmic lines, cloths add angled lines, which are fun to do as well. The first few times will feel awkward but that passes. It is very important to be VERY respectful and appreciative for our model and the other artists!!! Holding a pose for several minutes is not easy. A few of the regular artists will only focus on the portrait. Sometimes I like drawing just the hands and feet.

Life Drawing in Duluth MN. Every Saturday in downtown Duluth at the Pineapple Art store at 124 W First St. They hire a nude model to pose from 10a-12p. A timer person will start with five-1 min poses, four or five 2 min poses and three or four 5 min poses. Then a 10-15 min break. In the last hour there will be three 15 min poses. Cost is $12. There are currently about 7-8 artists who regularly attend. There are no lessons or instructions provided! Drawing starts at 10am, get there 10 min early so you can get set up and settled. Being late disrupts the model and the other artists. You pay the host at break time. The store will have a closed sign in the door, maybe saying class in session, lights will be off. Come in and drawing is behind a sliding wall in the middle of the store. There are drawing boards and drawing horses available. See photo.

There are no fixed rules or necessary supplies for figure drawing. Most use only pencil or charcoal and simple inexpensive sketchbooks and low-cost non archival paper, such as newsprint.

Don’t be frustrated by comparing yourself with others who have been doing this for many years! You can ask to see their work and be motivated to improve! You can buy supplies there at the store, but come early to do that. Or wait until break time to purchase more supplies.
(Must be over 18 yrs to attend)
I may see you there.

Pineapple Arts
124 W 1st St
Duluth, Minnesota 55802
If you want to be a paid adult model please contact me and I will forward your email to the Life Drawing scheduler.
Contact: WilliamWiseArt

Potential Models

We are looking for adult male or female nude (or possibly clothed) models interested in posing for our Pineapple Arts Store Life Drawing group. We meet in downtown Duluth meet every Saturday from 10am – 12.

Please contact me and I will try to answer questions and talk about typical poses and times in pose, etc. or I will provide you with the scheduler’s email or phone.