Watercolor Portrait I

5 Mondays: Class dates are not yet set. 5:30 – 8:30p, $120.
This class is for those who love watercolor (WC) painted portraits, have basic WC skills, know about basic washes, and have basic WC supplies. Students who attend this class have different experience and skill levels. To maximize lesson time in class and learn/review some basics, I will provide information and assignments to read/watch or practice before the first class and between classes.

In this WC Portraits class I will focus on techniques of applying thin washes using various colors to attain believable luminous flesh colors, painting hair, fabric, and backgrounds. Also tips/tricks to confidently get a portrait on paper (transfer or trace), even if you do not consider yourself a portrait artist; and how to capture interesting photographs to paint. Other techniques may include drawing with charcoal to hone the concept of layers. At first you will paint along with me on the image I provide, week 4 and 5 you will paint your subject. I will explain more on best images to paint.

This course is not a VERY beginner watercolor class nor is it a class on drawing portraits.
I will provide limited supplies of paint and brushes to use and for purchase before you decide to spend extra money. Link to supply list. You will need a device able to view PDF files, YouTubes, and articles from my webpage. 
Class is held at: ???

Cost is $120. You can pay with check, PayPal, or Venmo.
Email me at Bill@williamwiseart.com and tell me how you would like to pay and if you have any questions.

Supply List Click Here:
Summary Note: Each student will own a wide range of supplies. This list is long and detailed. The big take-away is you MUST have 100% cotton paper (Arches, or equivalent, see UMD Bookstore or Hobby Lobby). Don’t spend unnecessary money on paint or brushes before week 1. I will bring paint and brushes to use prior to purchase. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me!