Portraits in Watercolor I

Painting Portraits in Watercolor I,  Aug 23, 24, 25,
Fri evening 5:30-8:30pm, Sat and Sun 9a – 3:30p.

Cost is $125 paid to Spirit of the Lake Community Arts (SOLCA)


This workshop is for those who love watercolor painted portraits, have basic watercolor skills, and supplies. This is not a VERY beginner watercolor class nor is it a class on how to draw portraits. I will l focus on techniques of applying thin washes using various colors to attain believable luminous flesh colors, painting hair, fabric, and backgrounds. Also tips/tricks to confidently get a portrait on paper (transfer or trace), even if you do not consider yourself a portrait artist.
Other techniques will include shading with charcoal to hone the concept of layers. At first you will paint along with me on the image I provide, later you will paint your subject(s).
You will be able to leave your supplies overnight for the next day!!
To maximize lesson time in class and learn/review some basics, I will provide information to read/watch and print out before the first class.  You will need a device able to view PDF files, YouTubes, and articles from my webpage. (Let me know if you do not have a printer)

Supply List Click Here:
Summary Note: Each student will own a wide range of supplies. This list is long and detailed. The big take-away is you MUST have 100% cotton paper (Arches, or equivalent, see UMD Bookstore or Hobby Lobby).  I will have some paint and brushes to use. I have some palettes with artist quality paints to purchase.
Workshop size will be limited to 12 students. (min of 8)
Registration and payment of $125 is through SOLCA’s webpage.
Spirit of the Lake Community Arts, 5401 E. Superior St, Duluth, MN,  218.721.4236
They use a third-party company called Zeffy.com. Click here to register with Zeffy

Email me: WilliamWiseArt.com/email/ if you have any questions.