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June 2018:  Here are my Flesh colors as of June.

Nothing out of the ordinary here. I was looking for colors to go from sunny warm yellow into a warm red moving toward some cooler reds into a magenta. Not sure I like or am settled with the DS Quin Magenta yet. (If you have a suggestion please let me know) I currently like the Brown Madder as a dark red. It, mixed with Burnt Sienna or other warm reds make nice dark flesh from deep shaded Caucasian baby skin to dark skinned flesh. Adding the WN blue (red) darkens all the flesh colors. I use WN manganese (not shown here) as a dark tone after my first wash drys. It really makes flesh look interesting rather than some boring shade of orange. Then I put these warm colors on top of the dry blue. I am liking using the Cad red. E gads it is an opaque color!!! Yes, I use such a tiny tiny thin amount but yes it glazes over the colors and warms up the tones. This is as of TODAY!

July 2018

26 Jun 2018A YouTube that morphs portrait images from an old Master.
Portrait-Special Interest Group folks, (and some others)  Something for your pleasure. Take a look at a YouTube of  William-Adolphe Bouguereau a French academic painter. This is really cool. He paints with a tendency to have big eyes and small mouths. Can you see this, what else can you notice? (rhetorical)  Probably the same model in a lot of them.  Inspiring for me to find a few of these poses and try to copy them with my own subjects. You can’t use someone’s image but you can make your own. They don’t own the pose!

There are lots of Morphed images:
  Fantastic Morphing Faces – Female Art Portraits
  Other YouTube Morphing videos of women


19 Jun 2018: NWS and TWSA 2018 winners.
  Hello fellow watercolor artists, I am forwarding this for your enjoyment, inspiration and possible motivation.  Here is a YouTube of the: National Watercolor Society Members Exhibition 2018, came out in May 2018  Here are the Transparent Watercolor Society’s TWSA, exhibition and winners for several years.

Here is a link to this year’s winners 2018 and if you click on ‘Browse the Exhibition’ you can see the work of all who were accepted.

19 June 2018:  2018 Artists of Minnesota Spring Show Winners.  Congratulation to everyone who submitted and those who won awards.